The Winners

2024 Award Winners

Dietitian Recognition Award

Ms Leah Seamark

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust
Project Title: The Development of Dietetic-led Patient Webinars and website
Supervisor: Alison Booth

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Essay Prize Winner

Lydia Brown

University of Sheffield Medical School.

Project Title: Prevalence and Burden of Disorders of Gut-Brain Interaction
Amongst Medical Students at the University of Sheffield.

Supervisor: Dr Imran Aziz

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Dylan Leon

Imperial College London School of Medicine.
Project Title: Lower psoas muscle density, a proxy of sarcopenia, associates
with 30 – day mortality in patients with acute variceal bleeding,
independent of baseline liver function.
Supervisor: Dr Luke Tyson

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F1/F2 Research Award

Dr Petra Paiz

Imperial College London.
Project Title: Intestinal Microbiota Transplant (IMT) in recurrent Clostridioides
difficile infections rCDI): An investigation into gut microbiomemetabolome-
host interactions.
Supervisor: Professor Zoltan Takats

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Medical Nurse Recognition Award

Ms Elizabeth Gibson/Ms Lauren Byrne

Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley

Project Title: Development of the World’s First Virtual Ward to Manage Complex Nutritional Conditions.

Supervisor: Jo Wakeman

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Pharmacist Recognition Award

Sonal Patel

Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, London.

Project Title: The establishment of a dedicated specialised pathway to optimise
the management of patients diagnosed and treated for autoimmune
hepatitis (AIH).

Supervisor: Dr Sreelakshmi Kotha

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SPR trainee Audit / Quality Improvement Award

Dr Laura Burke

Leeds Teaching Hospitals
Project Title: Alcohol related LivER disease audiT : ALERT-UK.
Supervisor: Dr Richard Parker

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Student Prizes

Meryl Ong

University College, London Medical School.

Project Title: The Systemic Pathology of Dyskeratosis Congenita

Supervisor: Professor Robert Goldin,

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Ronit Hardasani

University of Leicester.

Project Title: IWhat matters to patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease when on
advanced therapies? A Qualitative Study.

Supervisor: Dr Mohammad Farhad Peerally

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Dr Jemima Finkel

University College London

Project Title: Bacterial Translocation in Cirrhosis and its Complications.

Supervisor: Professor Emmanouil Tsochatzis

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